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At Solar Power Canberra, we provide professional and expert solar power services to Canberra residents. We offer a range of products and services, including Solar Power System design, installation and repair for both residential and commercial clients alike.
We are among the best solar power companies in Canberra because we carry out all our work diligently, with complete professionalism and commitment & within the agreed timescale. Our highly experienced team has years of expertise in this area, with real passion for what they do, which means you can have peace of mind knowing that an experienced business is handling your project.
You will find our prices very competitive compared to many other companies offering similar products or services. We charge a fixed fee, so the price won’t go up due to hidden fees once work has commenced, unlike some competitors.

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    Why Use Solar Power?

    Solar power usage has been on the rise in Canberra, and for a good reason! Solar power is a technology that can be applied to many things. At its most basic level, it converts sunlight into electricity, but there are different types of solar power for each application.
    One common way to use solar power in Canberra is through Solar Panels which convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electrical energy using semiconducting materials such as silicon. This DC energy can then be converted into alternating current (AC) with an inverter which makes it usable in your home. Or the DC energy directly powers devices without having to go via an inverter as you would typically do with household appliances that require AC electricity.
    Another popular and very useful application of solar power in Canberra is for hot water. Many homesteads use hot water for many things, including cooking, cleaning and bathing. By using Solar Hot Water Systems in air-conditioned homes, you can use free energy from the sun to provide hot water for your home, which helps lower household energy bills.

    Why Canberra Residents have Switched to Solar power

    Solar power is great for the environment, and there are also other benefits that come with using solar panels in Canberra to generate electricity. The cost of solar panels has dropped dramatically over the past few years, giving everyone the chance to harness the power of our abundant sunshine. If your home is connected to a smart meter, you may also take advantage of increased feed-in tariffs at certain times, so best check out what options are available to save even more money. Energy providers do offer different tariffs at different times, which means it could be beneficial to use all appliances at specific times, such as charging an electric vehicle during cheap off-peak rates.

    How to choose a solar provider

    When deciding on a solar provider, there are several things to consider. Can they offer a warranty? How long have they been in the industry, and do they have any references you can contact? What kind of processes are in place for quality control?
    As there are different types of solar panels available on the market, each with its own benefits, costs and warranties, it is important to speak with an expert who knows what they’re talking about so that you can get your money’s worth. So if you live in Canberra or Sydney, choose Solar Power Canberra.

    Disadvantages of solar power

    Although there are many benefits that come with solar power, it has some downsides. Firstly, although solar power is a renewable energy source, the amount of sunlight it requires to function at its best is quite large, and this means that solar panels aren’t very efficient in cloudy or shaded locations.
    If you’re considering using solar power to supply your home with electrical energy, but you still have questions about how it works or whether it’s right for your house or business, contact Solar Power Canberra today. Solar Power Canberra is a leading expert in providing reliable and effective solar panel solutions and will help you choose between different available options.

    How to Maintain your Solar Panels After Installation

    After installing your solar panels, it is important to ensure that you care for them in the correct way to maximize their performance. Always keep your solar panels clean and never let anything block the airflow around the solar panels. In addition, avoid spilling substances such as water or chemicals on your solar panels because this can damage them and reduce their effectiveness.

    Our Services

    Solar Panel Cleaning & Maintenance

    • We offer various levels of solar panel cleaning & maintenance services for residential and commercial properties in Canberra. Our 1st level service is good for roofs where there are no overhangs, while the 2nd level service is suitable for houses with solar panels installed under an angle of 15 degrees or less (roofs must be white/red tiles or concrete).

    Residential Solar Panels

    We ensure that every home in Canberra is generating the maximum amount of electricity for their solar panels.

    Solar Batteries

    We supply and install solar batteries for both residential and commercial solar panel systems. From basic models to the latest technological advances in battery storage, you can be sure that we have a product to meet your needs.

    Commercial Solar Panels

    Our service is also available for commercial properties, and we work with various different types of solar panels. We can perform a visual inspection on them to ensure there is no dirt or dust inside the cells and that all connections and electrical items are safe and secure.

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    Solar Power Canberra

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    How does solar power work?

    Solar panels are made of many individual cells which convert sunlight into energy, this is known as the photovoltaic effect or PV for short. Electricity is produced when direct sunlight excites the electrons within the semiconductor material inside each cell.
    The electricity that these cells produce must be converted from DC current to AC using an inverter before it can be used to power appliances in your house or business. An AC adapter that is connected to a regular outlet will provide you with access to power, while excess energy will be sent to your home’s electrical grid.

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    Why using solar power in Canberra is the best option

    By using solar power in Canberra, one can be able to reduce their electricity bills. More importantly, solar panels are environmentally friendly and do not emit greenhouse gases.
    Using solar power in Canberra is the best option because it reduces carbon emissions into the atmosphere. It also has no operating costs, which mean that you don’t need to spend money every month on fuel. In addition, one does not require a large piece of land to set up a plant for generating solar energy because it works well with rooftops. Therefore, if you are thinking of installing green technology around your home or office, then make sure you go for Solar Power Canberra.

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    How Much do Solar Panels Cost?

    The cost incurred when installing solar panels depends on various factors. These include the size of your home, how much energy you use and the technology used to generate that energy. The cost has come down considerably since they first hit the market, but it still isn’t cheap, although before long, they will be as widespread as gas hot water systems are now.
    The bulk of your costs will depend on how efficient your panels are, their capacity (in kilowatts), and how many panels make up your array. You can expect to pay anywhere between $2k – $12k per kW for a system with most falling in the lower price range due to high demand and low availability of certain technologies like Cadmium Telluride which is currently ruling this market segment at roughly double what standard panels are selling for.

    Large scale solar power harvesting

    How long does solar installation take?

    The installation process does not take a lot of time and can be done within a day. However, you cannot expect the solar panels to generate power the same day or even during that week because it takes some time for them to produce optimum energy. During this period of time, you will be required to use your normal electricity supplier, who may charge you money for using their services.

    How much money can I save by using Solar power?

    Using solar power means never having to pay another bill again! The average household in Australia uses about 20kWh of electricity each day. This means that a solar power system can produce around 5 – 10 times more power than you will ever use! You could be free from the grid forever and never pay another electricity bill in your life! Your panels will then be producing power for 25 to 40 years, and maintenance costs are minimal.

    Does Solar Work on Cloudy Days?

    On the days we get the most rain and clouds, solar power systems actually produce more electricity than normal. The panels work by using photons from sunlight to create a charge in the silicon cells inside them. This happens whether it’s sunny or raining. However, if it’s really overcast (when there are thick layers of clouds), you may not be able to generate as much power as on a cloudy day with some sun.

    Can I Sell the excess energy?

    Yes, this is called “net metering”. As long as your system size is big enough to cover all your energy use, then any extra electricity you generate can be sold back into the grid for around 14c/kWh.

    What Makes us Different?

    At Solar Power Canberra, we believe that the quality of our installations is paramount. We have been installing renewable energy systems now for many years and have a very high customer satisfaction rate as a result of the hard work we put into each job from start to finish. At Solar Power Canberra, we don’t cut corners!!

    Why choose Solar Power Canberra?

    At Solar Power Canberra, our installation team have many years of experience installing solar power systems throughout Canberra and its surroundings. We are a local company with local knowledge – we know what it takes to install a reliable solar power system in your home or business. Solar Power Canberra is highly respected locally for its work with schools, sporting clubs and community groups.
    Our team consists of dedicated and highly skilled solar power professionals in Canberra committed to providing you with a top-quality installation. We are not an on-hire team – our installers work for us on your behalf to ensure you get the best result possible.


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